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受罗马市中心文艺复兴时期的道院Santa Maria della Pace的启发,该项目的室内空间由连续的十字拱券组成。


Inspired by Santa Maria della Pace, a Renaissance cloister at the center of Rome, the space is organized by a promenade of cross vaults and arches.


Santa Maria della Pace



The original layout was compact, with one small living room and two even tinier bedrooms. As all the walls are structural that cannot be altered, the transformation of the interior space focuses on ceiling configuration. The vaults hovers above the public programs and transitions towards the private programs.







The project borrows from historical architectural language not for its form but for its metaphor. It is designed for a newlywed couple as their first apartment and reinterprets the good will of eternity using repetitive motifs of stretched cross vaults to elongate time and space.





The large vaults are lit with warm linear light that is embedded in walls. The lighting renders the interior environment with tranquility and makes the ceiling look much taller.





Not only the interior space becomes visually more spacious, but it also accommodates full spectrum of daily functions. The living room has a large, open space with dining, laundry and entertainment settings. A folding dining table suit for four people is integrated into the wall with a special hardware. A fridge, laundry machine and dryer machine are embedded in the cabinet.





A large TV is programed for movie, gaming, and exercises. A sofa has an electrical mechanism that stretches in and out for leg and neck relaxation.





The bedrooms make full use of the space for sleeping, working, beauty and storage.





The design of bathroom and kitchen learns from the integration design in Japanese homes, with abundant storage and various domestic equipment from smart use of residual space.



室内材料的选择向文艺复兴时期修道院的色调致敬,主要由灰泥漆与木纹组成,注重手工工艺与诗意的表达。正如加斯顿·巴赫拉德(Gaston Bachelard)在《空间的诗学》中的一句话:“我们从来都不是真正的历史学家,但总是接近诗人,我们的情感也许只不过是一种失落的诗歌的表达。


The choice of materials pays homage to the palette of the renaissance cloisters and is mainly composed of stucco paint and wood. It celebrates craftsmanship as well as poetry of past, as quote of Gaston Bachelard from The Poetics of Space : “We are never real historians, but always near poets, and our emotion is perhaps nothing but an expression of a poetry that was lost.”



Main Information

Project Name: Cross Vault Home (十字拱的家)
Office Name: VIVIENNE HAN(VH) DESIGN (VH 设计事务所)
Office Website:
Contact email:
Firm Location: Beijing, China 中国北京

Completion Year: 2023
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2): 42 m2
Project Location: Beijing, China (中国北京)
Program / Use / Building Function: Residential Interior (住宅室内)

Lead Architects: Vivienne Jing HAN
Lead Architects e-mail:

Photo Credits: Yong WANG (王勇)