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自然的笔触:地中海极简的家Nature’s Brushstroke: Mediterranean Minimalist Home




The Mediterranean Minimalist Home is designed by Vivienne Han Design (VH) as a holiday home for an urban lady.




The original floor layout was composed of two 60 square meter individual apartment units on the same floor.




The design takes away all non-load-bearing partitions, including the unit-division, using oversize sliding panels that can be hidden into the wall pockets to make space division.




Light flows into the space from all directions, in contrast with the originally enclosed and narrow interior space.



设计的审美意趣借鉴日式的侘寂(Wabi Sabi)风格,讲求空间的流动以及不对称的动态平衡之美。亦以沉浸自然的姿态,展现原始材料的丰富纹理。


The aesthetic of the design learns from the Japanese Wabi Sabi style, emphasizing the flow of space and the beauty of asymmetrical, dynamic balance. It also shows the rich texture of the original material in an immersive natural setting.





The atmosphere of the apartment is set up with earth tone stucco and micro cement inherited from Spanish craftsmen, along with designer furniture with minimalist look and distinctive personality. The delicate and naturally carved texture also describes the fine and resilient personality of the client.





At the entrance of the apartment, VH customized a unique three-dimensional texture wall, and the mirror ceiling doubles the height of the wall to make it look grand, like the surface of a sandstone mountain carved by the wind. The base of the texture wall is made of prefabricated GRG panels assembled on site, and the stucco finish is painted by hand. It highlights VH ‘s design approach– to explore the possibilities of integrating digital design with traditional materials, as well as the beauty formed by material patterns.





VH also customized unique furniture for interior scenes, for example the “Lego” dresser and the square coffee table made of a special marble called “Persian White Jade”. Whether customized or selected, each furniture in this project displays unique personality and expresses natural texture and warmth of its materials.




Main Information:

Project Name: Mediterranean Minimalist Home (地中海极简的家)
Office Name: VIVIENNE HAN(VH) DESIGN (VH 设计事务所)
Office Website:
Contact email:
Firm Location: Beijing, China 中国北京

Completion Year:2023
Gross Built Area (m2/ ft2):120 m2
Project Location: Heilongjiang, China (中国黑龙江)
Program / Use / Building Function: Residential Interior (住宅室内)

Lead Architects: Vivienne Jing HAN
Lead Architects e-mail:

Photo Credits: Topia Commercial Photography (TOPIA图派视觉)



Vivienne Han Design(VH) 设计事务所于2020年12月创立,致力于个性化定制设计。其作品涵盖建筑设计、室内设计、家具定制及品牌策划。设计风格倾向前卫科技与传统材料的对话,以回归本源的态度展望未来,以人的需求、尺度感、行为观为出发点,提出细腻、人性化、且具有前瞻性的解决方案。创始人Vivienne Jing Han有着十余年全球从业经验,注重细节与品质的落成。事务所管理形式以学徒制为根基,本着育人如材的理念,希望唤起年轻建筑师对建筑工艺本源的热爱和对细节品质的追求。


Established in 2020, Vivienne Han Design (VH) endeavored to create unique, personalized design. Its portfolio includes architecture, interior, furniture and brand design.The design inclination is to revive traditional materials and construction methods with BIM and CAM tools to enhance humanity, quality and precision. The founder, Vivienne Jing Han, has over 10 years of global work experience, excellent in realizing projects in fine details.The organization of the studio resembles that of an apprenticeship tradition, to train young people to dedicate themselves to traditional crafts, materials and details.