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ANDRÉ FU LIVING 带来富有美感的时尚生活产品

“It’s not about imposing a lifestyle, it’s a personal expression of living.’


Known for his modernist sensibilities and distinctive ability to bring a calm simplicity to interior spaces, architect André Fu has been the influence behind some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and restaurants. Now he has created a standalone lifestyle collection of beautiful homeware and decorative accessories, encapsulating the key elements of his style.



傅厚民的2020系列是对前一个系列的大胆突破,新系列打破了流动性和线性结构之间的界限,形成一种中世纪韵味。从英国陶艺家汉斯·库伯(Hans Coper)的陶瓷作品的轮廓和亚历山大·诺尔(Alexandre Noll)的雕塑中获取灵感,再融合中世纪设计的特点,这种新组合是一种富有表现力的演变,激起了设计的“涟漪”效应。

Andre Fu Living’s 2020 collection marks a bold break from the previous collection, the latest venture pushes the boundary between fluidity and linear structure, evolving into mid- century rhythm.




Taking inspiration from the silhouettes of Hans Coper ceramics, impressions from Alexandre Noll’s sculptures and a nod to Mid-Century profiles, the new assemblage is an expressive evolution designed to create ripples.




Originating from irregular curves, the ripples flow into forms in tension which are applied to motifs, vessels and furniture details creating a signature aesthetic. Mid-Century Rhythm is Andre Fu’s daring progression through to a new chapter in his lifestyle collection.


*Text and images provided by afso and camron


关于André Fu Living
About the brand André Fu Living

 AndréFu Living [AFL]的创立标志着设计师傅厚民并不仅仅限于空间的设计创造,他也涉足时尚生活产品领域。André Fu Living [AFL] marks architect André Fu foray into a world of lifestyle offering that goes beyond his spatial creations.

‘It is not about imposing a lifestyle, it is a personal expression of living.’ says Fu.

The brand seeks to celebrate the notion of lifestyle with a multi-category collection, from tableware, bed linens to furniture and decorative lighting. The collection celebrates Fu’s personal life and taps into his exploration of a world that embraces his design language of relaxed luxury.

品牌字母本身采用书法的写法,意在唤起亚洲印刷字体的手工价值。 “ A”,“ F”,“ L”组合成旋转对称的字母组合,用珠宝商的标记方式对商品进行巧妙的品牌标记。
The branding itself has adopted a calligraphic approach with an intent to evoke handcrafted values with a nod to Asian typography scripts. The ‘A’ ‘F’ ‘L’ are combined into a rotationally symmetrical monogram, which allows products to be subtly branded in the manner of a jeweller’s hallmark.


About André Fu

‘To me, true luxury is in the experience and not just the aesthetics.’

Known for his modernist sensibilities and distinctive ability to bring a calm simplicity to interior spaces, architect André Fu has been the influence behind some of the world’s most luxurious hotels and restaurants.

傅厚民设计了香港著名的奕居酒店(Upper House Hotel),重新定义了待客之道,这也是他的成名之作。他的设计看似简单随意,从路易威登(Louis Vuitton)旅行家居系列产品,到香港、东京和上海的现代艺术画廊,以及全球主要酒店和饭店的顶尖品牌,包括普罗旺斯的Villa La Coste酒店,伦敦的柏凯丽酒店(The Berkeley London),香港的奕居酒店和瑞吉酒店(The ST Regis),以及曼谷华尔道夫酒店(Waldorf Astoria Bangkok),都留下了他的设计。
Fu became known overnight when he first redefined notions of hospitality with his design of the world-renowned Upper House hotel in Hong Kong. His seemingly effortless creations range from a unique furniture collaboration with Louis Vuitton’s Objets Nomades collection to contemporary art galleries in Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai, and major hotels and restaurants around the world for leading brands including Villa La Coste in Provence, The Berkeley London, Hong Kong’s Upper House Hotel and The St Regis, as well as Waldorf Astoria Bangkok.

傅厚民的作品获奖无数,认可度也越来越高。2016年,他被Maison&Objet Asia评为年度最佳设计师,并获得了Wallpaper *的“二十强室内设计师”荣誉。2019年,美国《室内设计》中文杂志将傅厚民评为“年度室内设计师”。
Fu’s work has won increasing recognition with numerous awards. In 2016, he was named Designer of the Year for Maison & Objet Asia, and was honoured in Wallpaper*s list of ‘Top 20 Interior Designers’. In 2019, Elle Décor China has named André as “Interior Designer of The Year”.

随着AndréFu Living的成立,傅厚民希望将品牌解读为生活方式的不同方面,即“内心的生活方式”的真实表达。With the establishment of André Fu Living, his vision seeks to translate the brand into different areas of lifestyle – a vision to embrace a genuine expression of ‘lifestyle from within’.