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上海Ultrasuede® 展厅——艺术与科技之美




林宇贤设计事务所透过材料探索与元素形式,巧妙地将艺术与时尚的交流地融合在⼀起,打造出了令⼈惊艳的 Ultrasuede® Shanghai Showroom。






这个展厅的灵感来源⾃品牌植物材料提取的可持续理念,呈现出充满绿⾊调的⾃然舒适感,不仅是⼀个展⽰空 间,更像是⼀个启发灵感、探索创意的枢纽。设计师以独特的匠⼼,融入艺术与科技的精髓,让整个空间散发着独特的魅⼒,仿佛置⾝于森林中的⼀抹翠绿。













⽽谘询⼯作区的设计,⼤⾯积的弧度空间展现出流畅且富有呼吸感,并且透过可移动座椅与独特复合加⼯技术 的挂帘,不仅保持了如同⼤⾃然空间的呼吸感,更能因应不同活动随时变化空间布局。这种通透性的设计不仅让⼈感受到空间的宽敞,更让创意和想法在其中⾃由流动,激发着实验与创新的渴望,也使得讨论和创意交流 更加专注与深入。




Ultrasuede® 展厅引领材料领域不断突破⾃我,追求更⾼层次的美学境界。在这个空间中,⼈们感受到⾃然的舒适感,被绿⾊氛围所感染,更愿意去探索、创造与启发。




Yuhsien Design Studio skillfully blends art and fashion through material exploration and element forms,creating a stunning Ultrasuede® Shanghai Showroom.



Inspired by the brand’s sustainable philosophy of plant material extraction, the showroom exudes a natural and comfortable ambiance with its rich green tones. It is not just an exhibition space but a hub of inspiration and creativity. The designers’ unique craftsmanship seamlessly integrates art and technology, infusing the entire space with a captivating charm akin to a lush green forest.




The design showcases three captivating areas: the Fashion Lifestyle Zone, the Automotive Material Zone, and the Consultation Workspace.



The Fashion & Lifestyle Zone presents each series with distinctive color cards and a variety of material background walls, cleverly using suspended rods to outline inward-curved details, creating a subtle sense of mystery between the exterior and interior.




The Automotive Material Zone features a curved dome, embracing unconventional designs and a technological atmosphere for material exhibitions. Through the interplay of lighting and materials, the space exudes a natural and flowing beauty.



As for the Consultation Workspace, the design emphasizes smooth and breathable spaces with extensive curvatures. The inclusion of movable seating and unique composite hanging techniques not only preserves the organic flow of nature but also allows the space layout to adapt to various activities. This transparent design not only provides a sense of spaciousness but also fosters a free flow of creativity and ideas, igniting the thirst for experimentation and innovation, making discussions and creative exchanges more focused and profound.





The Ultrasuede® Showroom leads the material industry to constantly challenge itself, pursuing higher levels of aesthetics. In this space, people experience a sense of natural comfort, immersed in the green ambiance, and are inspired to explore, create, and innovate. Ultrasuede® Shanghai Showroom


业主: Ultrasuede®
施⼯⽅:上海⽩头⼭建筑装饰⼯程有限公司 / 上海昂科施供应链科技有限公司
摄影: 陈华摄影⼯作室
Ultrasuede® Shanghai Showroom
Site Address: Jing’an, Shanghai, China
Date: August, 2023
Client: Ultrasuede®
Project Type: Interior, Product Design
Gross area: 144 sqm
Design team: Yuhsien Design Studio
Interior Design: Yuhsien Design Studio
Product Design: Yuhsien Design Studio
Shanghai ONCSHO official
Photographer: Chenhua photography studio