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赞禾英泰总部:办公空间的理想时刻 | Area-17建筑与室内设计



Joint-Harvest, a technical company that integrates sales, R&D and supply chain services, commissioned Area-17 Architecture & Interiors to design its Shanghai HQ. The workspace was meant to foster social interactions among the large company staff. 




The 3200 sqm, spanning over 4 floors, depict the interplay of an ordinary day of work through wide open spaces and informal settings. A sincere mood of enjoying life in all its aspects is reinforced by a palette of bright, warm colors.




Functions flow seamlessly from the meeting area and showroom on the first floor to the working stations on the second floor, and finally to the gym on the third floor. The space’s storytelling is enriched by shooting sets and an R&D laboratory on one hand, inspirational lounges and coffee areas on the other, encouraging a flexible and integrated approach to work. The executive offices are located on the fourth and last floor, conveniently isolated.




The design is strongly oriented to Feng Shui principles. A playful attitude and the apparent frugality of materials and finishes intentionally hide the integration of cutting-edge technologies in the interior design, while the focus remains the comfort of employees and visitors.




An extreme care is expressed through the whole building even in the smallest details, such as the restrooms with tailored decors at each floor.




Area-17 believes in designing having the community’s quality of life in mind: with Joint-Harvest HQ we created a great environment to work efficiently while strengthening meaningful relationships based on pleasant, shared routines.





项目地点:上海, 中国



设计团队:Area-17 Architecture & Interiors


项目摄影:Derryck Menere



Area-17建筑与室内设计 (十七区建筑与室内设计)