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新东方海兴办公空间 | in50 Architects Design 昱华建筑设计


身处办公空间,心却向往着山河湖海。in50 Architects Design以山脉、海洋、沙漠和天空为灵感 的设计,为职工们忙碌的职场生活,增添了些许轻松的自然意趣。



这场大规模的流行病提醒我们,人类需要与自然和谐相处, 该项目是在 COVID-19 年设计和建造的, 我们的使命是在这个充满创意的新办公环境中为员工找回“快乐生活”的态度, 我们的色彩概念灵感来自大自然的山脉、海洋、沙漠和天空。

This pandemic serves as remind that humanity needs to live in harmony with nature. This project is design and built in the year of COVID-19. Our mission is to bring back a “joy de vivre” attitude to the staff’s life in this new creative office environment.Our color concept was inspired by nature’s mountain, ocean, desert and sky.



该办公室的布局计划旨在为500名员工能够为未来的在线学习提供信息技术支持。 该策略是在每个团队工作区周围设置服务空间,例如开放式和封闭式会议室、储物柜、咖啡/茶区和打印区,以确保每个人都能轻松方便地进入及使用。

The layout plan of this office was designed to empower the 500 staff that provides I.T. support for future online learning across China New Oriental Group. The strategy was to surround each team work area with service spaces such as open and  enclosed meeting, lockers, coffee/tea area and print stations to ensure easy and convenience for everyone.



每个人有不同的工作方式,因此为不同类型的工作空间提供选择有助于员工高效地完成工作并享受其中的空间, 每个团队工作区设计的大窗户和植物为工作人员提供了充足的阳光和新鲜空气。

People work in different ways, so giving choices for different type of spaces to work help staff do their work effectively and with enjoyment. Ample of sunlight and fresh air was provided with staff working by large windows and plants on each team work area.




The pandemic has created a work from home phenomenon that left most of us feeling socially isolated. In this office environment social space are found everywhere for people to meet, brainstorm and sit together over a cup of coffee. A sense of community and team synergy is what makes this office different as we move to a new age where work and social life becomes one.



客户 Client: New Oriental Group 新东方集团

项目规模 Project Size: 3890 m2

项目类型 Project Type: Office Space 办公空间

完成日期 Completion Date: 2021.03

设计事务所 Design Firm: in50 Architects Design 昱华建筑设计

首席设计师 Lead Designer: Waterson Lam

首席工程师 Lead Engineer: Catice Li

图形设计师 Graphic Designer: Wang Chuan

视频和摄影 Video and Photography: Wade Liu

团队成员 Team Members: Ada Zhang; Yasmine Liu; Dexter Guo; Eric Zhao & Wang Lin