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Area-17 is a full service architecture and interior design firm, whose philosophy of work is rooted in the Italian design culture. Founded in Florence in 2004, Area-17 opened its first office in Beijing in 2005. A growing appreciation for the Italian design soon led to the opening of the Shanghai and Hong Kong offices, bringing Area-17 right into the core of the present Asian growth. Currently Area-17 also has an office in Cuenca (Ecuador) and a media-lab in Sassari.



得力普乐士是由中国的得力集团和日本的普乐士集团共同创立的新办公家具品牌, Area-17非常荣幸见证这个全新品牌的诞生,并将意大利深厚的设计功底植入品牌零售概念。在杭州、苏州和广州,首批三个展厅的设计工作已完成并落地,这标志着企业战略设计以及强大品牌标识的建立。


Deli PLUS is a young office furniture brand, co-founded by China’s Deli Group and Japan’s PLUS group. Area-17 has been supporting the project from the very beginning and was therefore able to permeate this new concept with Italian design’s culture and principles. The tree first showrooms – Hangzhou, Suzhou and Guangzhou – have been thought and realized simultaneously to mark the launch of this design venture and to set off a strong brand identity.





The first flagship store is located in the Hangzhou High-tech Zone and spreads over 730 sqm. From the inside, it offers a breath-taking view on the surrounding landscape from the full-high glass façade. The simple and perfect shape of a circle from the brand’s visual identity enlivens the interiors: it generates a rhythm made of solids and voids that decorates the architectural surfaces, while also defining different areas. A powerful brand-recognition experience is therefore established to strengthen the connection between clients and the company.





The products’ display helps recognising the typology at first glance. The different lines of executive furniture are placed on podiums, while open office furniture is staged as if in a real work environment, fostering an intuitive browsing. Single pieces of furniture stand out from wide, boldly coloured backgrounds. Walking towards the exit, a private tea area introduces customers to a more intimate dimension.





Both the showroom in Suzhou and the one in Guangzhou acknowledge the design solutions applied in Hangzhou and establish a deep connection with the brand identity, adding to this first experience the plus of a high-visibility from the exteriors. The concept is meant to be replicated with ease and effectiveness, in order to prepare for Deli PLUS’ on-going fast and successful roll-out.





The concept is meant to be replicated with ease and effectiveness, in order to prepare for Deli PLUS’ on-going fast and successful roll-out.








设计团队:Area-17 Architecture & Interiors


项目摄影:Maurizio Picci