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深圳·宸山皮肤管理中心 | RMA新作





共和都市创办至今,致力于以革新的精神为社会提供多样性的设计产品,以创意,富有想象的创造力设计驱动更多的品牌价值,作品涵盖建筑、酒店、顶级CLUB、餐饮、办公、住宅等,创新大胆的设计为空间注入新的活力,期间作品获得一百一十七项顶级全球赛事奖项。本案为共和都市新近完成作品——位于深圳的H SKIN CARE 宸山皮肤管理中心项目。

Republican Metropolis Architecture(RMA) has been committed to the spirit of innovation for the community to provide a variety of design products, creative, imaginative creativity design to drive more brand value, works cover Architecture, Hotel, Top club, Restaurant, Office, private homes, innovative bold design for the space into the new vitality, During this period, his works won more than 117 top global competition awards.This case is the newly completed work of RMA — H Skin Care Chenshan Skin Management Center project located in Shenzhen.



01 思考/概念
01 Thought / Concept



Return To the Starting Point of Life


Seek the Balance of Life



H SKIN CARE宸山皮肤管理中心是一家现代美学风格空间设计的皮肤管理中心,项目位于深圳平安金融中心大厦商场,周边云集众多大型商业中心及国际品牌商家。

H SKIN CARE is a skin management center with a modern aesthetic space design style. The project is situated in the shopping mall in Shenzhen Pingan Financial Center, and it is surrounded by many large commercial centers and international brand merchants.



H SKIN CARE通过一系列能够有助于客户“心、身、灵”复原和更新的专业服务,从而增强人整体健康状态的场所。先有‘心’的疗愈,才有‘身’的健康,而统领身心健康的则是‘灵’。设计师黄永才想通过这样一种表达式来诠释一个回归生命起点的空间。

H SKIN CARE provides a series of professional services that make people more hale and hearty by recovering and renew their “mind, body, and spirit,” so as to enhance their overall state of health. In this place, it first offers splendid ‘heart’ healing for people, then meticulously preserve the health of their ‘body,’ thus injecting vitality to their spirits which govern the physical and mental health. The designer Huang Yongcai desires to use such an expression to interpret a space that returns to the starting point of life.


02 De-structure / Transfer



De-structure the design language


Reconstruct the space experience




There are increasingly more spaces striving for breaking boundaries and moving towards a more diversified world. We believe that every space is characterized by its own attributes, and only after the moat of the space itself is established, can more people obtain the belongingness of emotional sustenance. We are considering to reconstruct it.


Elements/ entrance




It’s not simply accumulating diverse symbols to show the theme, but adopting gorgeous design language to ponder over the space and transform it after deconstruction.




At the entrance, we placed a beautiful “red koi” suspension device, which implies the image of Kun Peng in Zhuangzi’s Carefree Journey, wading into the water as a whale, walking in the land as a roc. It not only transforms the life forms, but also abandons the inherent thinking frame, so that it broadens our horizons to obtain a new life.




The entrance is the first touch point to create visual memory. The fins on the “red koi” are like dancers swiftly dancing in the dark. Their graceful postures look eye catching, and the abrupt color change of the device endows the overall space with vitality, reaching the climax of exploding spatial tension. The huge contrast of different colors plays a significant guiding role, and it leaves the viewer a sense of freshness with absolute visuality. The viewers are expected to be as carefree as a fish joyfully swimming in the water while entering the SPA center, and forget all the worries.







The emotional link between people and space, people’s emotions subtly vary as the space changes. On entering the interior of the space, the dancers in the dark night can dance as freely as they can to release their innermost emotions.




Through the combination of different materials, it can dexterously divide the local areas. The 43-meter corridor, black and white emerged as the main theme here, the straight line design in one go shines more brilliantly in the company of the overall cool color, which echoes the capacity and neatness of modern urban female.




In the public negotiation area, the natural reinforced concrete building surface lays the dominant tone of the space, and the people can experience the most direct psychological hint from the original materials. Here, you can unrestrainedly remove diverse masks to release the fear, fatigue, and pressure in your heart.  






As a female-oriented place, SPA center is expected to be a center that creates a unique relaxing experience for women from a fine and sensual perspective. So we take more consideration in the choice of soft decoration and color. In one thing, it fits the overall style of the space. In another thing, it complements the hard decoration based on softness of the soft decoration, presenting the overall rigidity and softness of the space.




The white tones are mostly used in more private rooms, and the arc curve is unique in its role of narrowing the distance between people and space. With the gentle and soft light, the visual temperature of the space can be increased bit by bit, showing the female’s tenderness, as well as creating a unique sense of security and belonging.




Every single item has its own characteristic, and every detail has been carefully designed to reveal the female elegance and exquisiteness. They are independent and intertwined in the space, so the space looks plump and charming.



03 起点/新生
03 Starting point/ new life



Return to the original starting point


Obtain the transient solace




Whether it is the spatial experience or inner order, we are crave for seeking freedom, but we are often fettered by the secular world, then freedom seems to be a false proposition for us common people. Therefore, it’s significant for us to make a balance in our daily life. The SPA center serves as an outlet for balancing life. We are lucky to be the designers of this outlet. While endowing the space new life, we hope that you can empathize with the space and obtain transient solace in the reality of busyness.



Name | 项目名称:

H SKIN CARE |  宸山皮肤管理中心

Location | 项目地点:

Shenzhen,China | 中国 深圳

Design area | 设计面积:

500 sq.m. | 500㎡

Design Time | 设计时间:

January 2020 | 二零二零年一月

Completion Time | 竣工时间:

May 2020 | 二零二零年五月

Interior Design | 主案设计:

Ray Wong 黄永才 | RMA 共和都市

Video | 视频:

Tong  LI  | 李童 

Photography | 摄影:

Kaijian Lee  | 李开建