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History, is it a yoke?

Is contemporary art a counterproductive subversion?

diluting stereotypes, accepting conflict, burying the study,

How far can a designer go?


西安一个充满人文文化的代表之地,西安古都长安建城 5600 多年,定都 1077 年。LINOW要做出符合城市精神的设计,如何处理 “复古” 和 “创新” 的冲突?

Xi’an is a place full of representatives of human culture,Chang’an, the ancient capital of Xi’an, has been in The City for more than 5600 years and is set to be 1077 years old.LINOW wants to make a design that conforms to the spirit of the city,How to deal with the “retro” and “innovation” conflict?



设计是创新,我们反对简单无脑的 Ctrl+C 和 Ctrl+V,今人不见古时月,今天的设计符合今天的生活,是 “复古” 和 “创新” 之间最稳固的桥接。

Design is innovation, and we are opposed to the simple and brainless Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V, which are not in the same time, and today’s design is in line with today’s life and is the most solid bridge between “retro” and “innovation”.



西安 LINOW HOTEL & BAR 采用古都的城墙 砖作为融合 “古” 与 “新” 的关键设计元素,在材料、颜色、轮廓、线条乃至堆叠尺度上全面创新,创造独特、强烈而夸张的空间感受。这成为一个崭新的容器,包纳了多功能的现代生活场景。

Xi’an LINOW HOTEL & BAR uses the walls of the ancient capital brick as a key design element that blends “old” and “new” and innovates on materials, colors, contours, lines and even stacking scales to create a unique, intense and exaggerated sense of space. This becomes a brand new container, with a versatile modern life scene.



我们真正感兴趣的是如何在一个空间的特质中去感知另外一个空间,这就像是观望一个正在观望的人。 当把客观性剔除后,反而能获得一种新的客观, 正如你用视野去探量一个空间。

What I’m really interested in is how to perceive another in the nature of one space, it’s like watching someone who’s watching. When you remove objectivity, you can get a new kind of objectivity, just as you use your vision to explore a space.




Based on this, our design group extracted the elements of Xi’an life for deconstruction. The city wall is the background that people get along with day and night, and the loess high slope is from the color of the land, they are mixed in the details of daily life.




The entrance on the first floor is the first contact for creating visual memory. In a space of 10 meters high, two lofty brick walls enclosed by 50,000 metal bricks are standing. While extending the environmental language, they form an absolutely enfolded space, thus quickly isolating the surrounding noise and leaving only the form of the brick wall as a clue. The memory of the whole city is tied up, carrying a foreshadowing of the overall design. A small window, as opened by texture and color, is just waiting for you to extend.



LINOW HOTEL & BAR是国内新锐设计师黄永才力作,酒店立志打造城市卓越化生活方式的体验。发现、分享、创造品质生活感受,希望当你踏进琳凯诺酒店时,通过酒店的理念和服务,联结你与酒店,联结你与这座城市,联结所提倡的卓越的生活方式,能为你提供的一切美好的事物。

LINOW HOTEL & BAR is the domestic new designer Huang Yongcai, the hotel is determined to create the city’s superior lifestyle experience. Discover, share, create a quality of life feeling, hope that when you step into the Linkano Hotel, through the hotel philosophy and services, connect you and the hotel, connect you with the city, link the outstanding way of life advocated by the united, can provide you with all the good things.




The design is disassembled and reorganized in the method and material aspects. By innovating the materials, the old elements are endowed with a new language. In different spaces, various spatial experiences are achieved by creating a contrast between the old and new; relying on halos on the surface of materials, a cascading, transformable and psychedelic effect is so created as a response to the bottom color of soil.




The hotel with three floors is provided with diversified functions such as bar, restaurant, reception, fitness building and entertainment. By arranging their motion lines, spatial pattern without mutual interference is thereby formed. Also, different spatial experiences are created by using different materials for each space. The brick wall element exists from the beginning to end in various forms, connecting the memory of the space.




eventually, the possibility and visual impact of the brick wall is greatly released from laminating pattern and enclosed form to color, varying in order. The space is separated subtly with different curved surfaces.




In addition to the flowing brick wall, abundant and unpredictable lighting changes and velour elements are applied in the interior space, and the design creates a sense of constant motion with visual clues and colors. The spiral stair on the side, made of red painted steel plates, is twisting while going up. The striking color and posture make it like a sculpture, which attracts your eyes in a way that cannot be ignored.



With due consideration for the quaint city walls and glass curtain wall, designer Huang Yongcai hopes that LINOW is a critical point that can creates a brand-new field to get rid of the limitation of history and presents a lighter and unruly connection between yesterday and today of Xi’an.




Here, the boundary is indistinct. The mirror finish ceilings and hollowed-out brick walls provide different visual angles for glimpsing and observing.




 As you walk there, the slow and modest panning angle suggests the presence of a continuum of greater experience. People are always looking at a real cross section, sometime only part of it.



It is not real and clear, as the memory of the elements is highly abstracted through way of listing, the dreamy emotion fragments –




The bright colors under the red wine green, the dark walls of the dim street corners are dark, more like human memories or dreams, alienated and intimate.


夺目的色彩使得健身房格外引起人的关注、材质对光有着非常好的扭曲映射效果,强烈的视觉感官下,潜在意识中冲击着身体的每个细胞,以更好的空间氛围,刺激着体验者的运动细胞 。

Eye-catching colors make the gym particularly attract people’s attention, materials on light have a very good distortion mapping effect, strong visual senses, the potential consciousness of the impact of each cell of the body, with a better space atmosphere, stimulate the experiencer’s motor cells.




Technology fantasy, leisure travel in the punk wind, listening to different stories with the most beautiful red wine. Let the viewer immerse themselves in the blue light and shadow, and hitbroke the seemingly boring state of life.



Linow 独有的品牌色——亮金色贯穿于整个设计,在雅致的客房走道中跳脱出活力与时尚,为宾客带来一种积极美好的生活向往。

Linow’s unique brand color, bright gold, runs through the entire design, exuding vitality and fashion in the elegant guest room aisle, bringing guests an active and beautiful yearning for life.




The design of the hotel rooms can be seen everywhere, the carved interior design, with custom furniture, rich and varied textures and wall decorations, like weaving a tactile embroidery curtain for each room.


Marble, like the texture of the loess slope, reconnects the memory of space, and the reflections of the waves of light that are comprehended by the progress of the journey, now again recounting, so that familiar things are fresh again, and new things are becoming familiar.



In the endless time, there may not be a flow direction, but soundless surge, and we can only witness a short segment of it while floating in it. But luckily, we can image and understand the eternal process with this short moment. 



Making familiar things fresh again,


Get familiar with fresh things gradually.






Republican Metropolis Architecture(RMA) has been committed to the spirit of innovation for the community to provide a variety of design products, creative, imaginative creativity design to drive more brand value, works cover architecture, top club, hotel, restaurant, office, private homes, innovative bold design for the space into the new vitality, during the works won a number of top global event awards.



创始人 / 创意总监 / 黄永才

Founder / Creative Director/Ray Wong

他从不定义自己是设计师,而更像是一个生活的观察者,空间的导演。在“ 标准化 ”“模仿”成风的设计江湖,他先锋性、原创性的设计却能同时带来艺术般的感官刺激和巨大的商业成功。转型设计师4年,拿下近一百多项国内外大奖,成为先锋原创性设计鬼才。

He never defines himself as a designer, but more like a life observer, a space director. In the design of “standardization” and “imitation”, his pioneering and original design can bring both artistic sensory stimulation and great commercial success. In the past 4 years, the transformation designer has won nearly 82 domestic and international awards and became a pioneering original design ghost.