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Iris Ceramica集团伦敦展厅:让访客参与产品的故事讲述


位于伦敦的Iris Ceramica集团展厅是一个实验室,人们聚集在这里见面、互动、获得灵感、学习并培养他们的创造力。Area-17建筑与室内设计将展厅设计成真实的环境,将陶瓷的情感和表现潜力转化为家具和方案,让访客积极参与产品的故事讲述。展厅围绕着一个松散的连接理念,这种远离传统的展示方式,让人仿佛可以充分拥抱往日街道的旧时光。

The Iris Ceramica Group showroom in London is a laboratory where people meet, interact, get inspired, learn, and nourish their creativity. Area-17 designed the interiors as if they were real-life environments, where the emotional and expressive potential of ceramics translates into furniture and solutions actively engaging visitors in the product’s storytelling. Distancing itself from a traditional way of exhibiting, the showroom revolves around a loose idea of connection, fully embracing the tentacular, dynamic vibe of the Old Street area.



展厅总共三层,位于一座旧厂房。在一楼,您可以在精品酒店走廊的典型氛围中放松,惬意而又独特。酒吧区周围的休闲散座促进了人们之间的互动,从地板到天花板的窗户则使室内和室外之间的界限变得流畅,烘托了壁炉边上Iris Ceramica的专属空间。宽大的陶瓷板定义了表面和重点建筑元素,引领出朝向其他楼层的方向。

The showroom occupies three floors of a former factory building. On the ground floor, one breaths in the typical atmosphere of a boutique hotel’s lounge, relaxed yet exclusive. Informal seating around the bar area foster the interaction among people. Floor-to-ceiling windows fluidify the boundary between interiors and exteriors, projecting the Iris Ceramica Group space out, right at the hearth of the neighborhood. Wide ceramic slabs define surfaces and focal architectural elements, outlining the directions towards the other floors.



地下室为访客提供了一个更为亲密的空间。带领着访客们进入了一个复杂巧妙的水疗中心,其边缘采用私人浴室区域的壁龛形状。瓷砖饰面作为定制家具的完美背景,被置于令人印象深刻的环境中。上到二楼,是最后一种多元化的气氛,Diesel Living系列和工业风格的材料与原建筑结构相结合。这是一个以商业为导向的空间:灵活的共享空间可随意变化成为一个活动区或会议室,再次证明工作、会议和商务谈判只是同一生活方式的不同方面。

The basement introduces visitors to a more intimate dimension. It welcomes them into a sophisticated spa, whose edges take the shapes of niches styled as private bathroom areas. Ceramic tile claddings are perfects backgrounds to custom-made pieces of furniture, set in a greatly evocative environment. Moving upstairs to the second floor, there is a last diverse mood, where the Diesel Living collection and materials of industrial flair harmonize with the original architectural structure. This is a business-oriented space: flexible environments meant for co-working easily become either an event area or a conference room, demonstrating once again that working, meeting, and doing business are just different sides of the same lifestyle.




项目名称:Iris Ceramica集团伦敦展厅
项目地点:伦敦, 英国
建筑与室内设计:Area-17 Architecture & Interiors